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Insurance Need To Know - SR-22 Filing

What does SR-22 mean?
It is an insurance form that you need to reinstate your driver's license after it has been suspended. Your insurance company can provide this form.
Do I need one?
If you have had your license suspended then yes, you most likely do. You must provide a SR-22 to get your license back.
What is the easiest way to get my license back?
You can get a SR-22 quote from any insurance company that offers SR-22 insurance. But, you must first be eligible. Call your local highway department to find out when you will be eligible.
How much does it cost?
That will depend on your driving record and the insurance office where you are getting your SR-22 insurance. To get the lowest price shop online for insurance companies that carry SR-22 insurance.
Why can’t I just get regular insurance like I had before?
You have to provide special documentation since your license was suspended. In order to get this you need a special insurance that not all insurance companies carry.

In summary if you have had your drivers license suspended for any reason then you need a SR-22. The only way to get one is to get one from an insurance company that offers this policy, as not all of them do. Once you have gotten SR-22 insurance it is good for three years and has to be renewed at least 15 days before it is due to end.