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Health Insurance

We have provided families and individuals of all types with the right health insurance plan - ensuring security and affordability. We offer the widest selection of the most prominent health insurance companies. With more than 250 + group insurance plans in our statewide database, you’re guaranteed to find a plan that will offer you premium quality and value.
The options and choices for health insurance are greater than ever. Whether you are looking for health insurance for the first time or you are looking to change and compare your current health insurance plan or whether you are single and have a family to protect – we will put in the maximum time and resource to get you the health coverage you are looking for at the lowest prices.
As independent agents we are here to educate you and find the plan that meets your specific needs. You have questions and we want you to be as informed as possible, that is the best way of guaranteeing you and your family the best value. The First Step to finding the Right Health Insurance.
Please fill out our quick questionnaire and then sit back and relax as we shop your needs with the best health insurance companies in the nation. Take advantage of the convenience of the Internet while receiving the confidence of local personalized attention you deserve! There is no obligation and best of all this service is absolutely FREE. To get started ask for a quote.
Medical Plan Types
Medical, standard long-term coverage Most people select this form of coverage. This type of coverage is renewable for multiple years and can provide continuous claims coverage over a long period of time. Most plans of this type cover both major medical expenses (e.g., hospitalization and surgeries) and routine medical expenses (e.g., office visits and annual exams), subject to deductibles and co-payments or co-insurance.
Short-term, up to 12 months temporary coverage Short-term health insurance is a temporary health insurance plan (typically 1 to 12 months) and should NOT be used as a substitute for standard, long-term health insurance. Family Members To Be Insured
You can insure any one of the following combinations of family members:
  • Single adult
  • Couple - you and your spouse
  • Family - you, your spouse and one or more children
  • Single parent household - parent and one or more children
  • Single child
  • More than one child
  • The gender and age of each person is also required.
When enrolling a child and/or children only, enter one of the children in the applicant block. Enter any additional children in the appropriate child blocks. Rate computations for child/children only plans vary by carrier.
Some insurance companies have specific rates for youth plans and other insurance companies base rates for children on the age of either the youngest or oldest child.
Age - The age for each family member that is to be insured.
  • Individual and Families ages 18-64
  • Children and Youth Care plans ages 0-18
  • Medicare Supplements for Seniors age 65+
  • Temporary Health Plan for 1-12 months of coverage
  • Small Business plans for 2-50 employees.